The Chapel Island boat launch is located at the end of Old Dock Road, off of Rt. 3. Be on the lookout for the blue Island Chapel Sign as you are driving along. If there has been a wedding at Island Chapel the previous day, you will often see helium balloons on the sign. There is sufficient parking right by the lake. It will only take a few steps for you to reach the dock to await the arrival and departure of the Chapel Bound. (Due to the rustic nature of the terrain, it would be more appropriate to wear sandals, sneakers or flat shoes.)  High heels might result in a twisted ankle. If attending a wedding, it might be best to carry heels and wear “sensible footwear” until you arrive at the Chapel.

Old Dock Road is 2 miles from the split of Rt. 3 & 30 east of Tupper Lake and 12.5 miles west of Saranac Lake , off of Rt. 3.